How to set goals for your blogs?

Do you feel so overwhelmed  and a little lost with everything when you are running a blog?  My advice to you is to create goals for your blog, it give you the direction that you are searching for.

Personally by setting goals for my blogs, it Help me focus on something that I'm working towards.

Honestly when I was growing up, I had a hard time setting goals.  The felt like they were not intangible or they were so easy to be forgotten.   One important lesson that I learned was, you can not accomplished a goal if you don't plan for it.

Today I would like to share my experiences with setting goals, for my blog, I want to encourage you to start making  goals for yours as well.

The prefect no.1 goal for you is to start a blog.  If you haven't done so, And make it go live as well.  I put together this blog post aboutHow to start a blog?

How do you set goals for your blog:

Why should I set goals for your blog?

Setting goals for you blog is so important, it give you a sense of direction that you are working towards,  Goals are a great way to measure your process, and help you keep the direction going in.

I initially decided to set goals for my blog,  I was inspired by a fellow blogger  to challenge myself in setting goals for 90 days.  I  admired her as a blogger, and the inspiration that she give to all, though her blog.

Best on her recommendation I started to set some goals for my blog.  Like I mentioned before I had a hard time in setting  goals,  But I felt that it was necessary to have them to keep me focus in the direction that I was going in.

When setting goals there are two important factor that go all with this.

1. Goals much have an infinitive time frame.

2. It should be measurable.

Goals need to be measurable to see if you reach your goal or not.

The first step is : Set a goal for your blog?

I decided to set two goals for myself?  I wanted to set a traffic goal..  In 90 day I would reach x number of session pre month.

The second one is. I wanted  to set a content creation goal.. In 90 day I would publish x number of blog post. 

With each goals have a time frame of 90 days, and they are being measured by x number of.  Once I had my goals in place I started to put together a plan or strategy  for each of my goals.

The second step is:  creating a plan for your goals?    I took a look at my traffic goals

When it comes down to traffic, is it organic or is it paid.  And I knew that I wasn't going to pay for traffic.

So I wanted to focus on the organic traffic that I receive from social referral.  So when it come to being on all the social media site at one time, is a difficult tasked to make.   So it is so important to pick at least two or three is where your target audience is going to be.  And really focus on those platforms.

In this care I would like to focus on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram.   With Pinterest being my top priority.

The third Step:   Break you goals down so they are manageable to achieve..  the main objective that I have is set mini goals within the 90day time frame.
Here is how I break down my mini goals:

Create at least 20 boards with keywords, title and description.  join at least 5 group boards, join 5 tailwind tribes, and sign up with a scheduler at tailwinds.

schedule posts to Facebook 1x/ a day,  At least once a week participate in a Facebook group shared threads.


Post to instagram as least 1x/day.. You would be able to schedule your post through Facebook.    So I pick one or two things to work on.   that will help me reach my eliminate goal of more traffic.

The fourth step is:  evaluate your progress along the way:   This is so important to take the time to reflex on what you have achieve if you reach your goal or not.  even take the time to see what works or not. If you need to change a few things or not.  it keep you focus on the bigger picture.

You might want to asked yourself these questions:

What can I do differently?

How can I approve in some area?

Once you have the time to reflex on your success and fails,  You would be able create new goals,  And have that dream that you are working towards.

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How to Start a Blog?

You have read many article about starting a blog,  And how to define what you are going to be writing about. Or What  blogging platforms that we are going to host your blog on.  Or  How am I going to have a profitable one.  Would I be able to make money by blogging.   These are some of the question that are running through your mind.  

Your Not along  in this.  I can remember when I started blogging I had these same question going through my mind.  

With my blogging experience I came up with some tips that will help you in having a successful blog:  

Creating a successful Blog:

You want to define your blog, with the intention of what the general idea that you are going to be writing about.   The sky is the limits, when  it comes to your blogs categories. But here are 

Fashion/ Style

Knowing what you should not blog about:

Know the do and don't of blogging is so import.  It is best not to blog about your personal information and of others.  

Even about  personal detail  you shouldn't want to share with other people, which should not be part of your blogging topic. 

So if you have a job,  that required you to sign a nda,  ( which is a non discoursed agreement),  You really don't want to devious or talk about any topic that are outlined in this agreement. 

Blogging is  about other people,  So you don't want to discriminated, or even harass them, in any way.  Just be aware the if they see your content, oh yeh they will retaliate. 

Consider your blog intention:

A good start is having your blog topic in mind.  Your blog need specific direction to get of the ground. And have a good foundation for success. 

The most common inspiration for blogging  is a combination of one, or the following, Although that you are finding your own inspiration:  

To teach something, ( it is best for instructional blogs, Like Diy products.)
Documenting your experiences, ( which is good for a travel blog, a fitness challenge, etc. )
Entertaining, ( it is for someone who is a comedy writer.)
Call to action, ( mostly used for a business or company blog.)
Inspire me, ( this topic really can stand on it own.) It may be best that it would fit the other topic in this section too.

Check out other blogs in your categories:

Once you have taken the time and establish your blog topic, even your goals,  and have researched other blogs with the same topic or idea, with your preferred style of writing.  To see 

how the engage with their audiences.

you shouldn't use the layout of other bloggers, but keep the inspiration  that will set the tone of your blog,  the layout, or the language of your contest itself. 

Brainstorm your blog specifics:

Which is so important, are the two things before you start your blog, is the name of it and how does it look.

Blog name: 

Come up with a blog name that feels comfortable for you to share with others.   Which the combination of your interest, even your nickname, or your blog content as well.   Make sure that you blog name is unique and so easy to remember.

Blog design:

You want to design your blog  the way that you would like,  But having the general idea on how it is going to look.  Such as the color scheme, or what font that you are going to be using.  

Before that you start creating your blog.  It make is so easy to find the template that you like. 

Creating your blog on a reputable blogging platform:

Use the one that you are most comfortable with.  The must popular blogging platforms, that are used today is bloggers, WordPress, even tumbler.

So once you have chosen your blogging platform that you are going to be using.   Your blogging creation will go as followed: 

You will be opening the platform of your choose in your computer browsers.
Set up an account( preferring a free one to start).
Enter your desired blog name. 
Select a layout that works for you. Any other requested details that you wanting to add.

Promoting your blog on social media:

Now that you have your blog up and running with a few blog post.  You will be able to increase your  blog traffic by linking your blog to social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, mix and so much more.

You might want to consider using your blog url in your profile of you personal page, or make a fan page also. 

Researching keywords to use in your blog post:

Keywords are the most important part of  a blog topic,  which are searchable give you high-ranking in the search engines.   By using keywords is helping your audiences with what they are looking for .

There are keyword generators sites, such as ├╝ber suggest, for keyword tools. Which comes up with related words for your blog post. 

Take the time and recheck your keywords every time you create a new blog post.  So that you keywords fit in a natural way.  

Getting your blog index by google:

To ensure that your blog is index to increase your ranking in google, and to make it easier for your audience to find what they are looking for. 

Using an image to help you stand out to your audience:

One of the most important thing that search engines like to do is priories all else even the images that ou use.  That they are original as possible.  And how the fit with the blog post topic that you have written out. 

Keep post.  By not posting for a long time will reduce the amount of traffic that your blog need to be success.  Being consistent in posting content to your blog,  Will generator more traffic and help it grow. 

It is suggested to make a posting schedule that allows your to post once a week, be able to stick to it. 

By missing one or two once in a while is ok.  It is best that you make a note of social media that your post is going to be late. 

Having fresh blog content, will keep you hight in the search engine ranking. 

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How to live on one income?

Most family would love to have one parent to stay at one, while the other one is working.  The reason is the they don't think that they could afford it.   It is not impossible to do, It is just that you have to learn how to live on one income.  You might think this is an easy taken but it isn't.  But is possible to achieve.

Before my divorce I had this vision that I would be the one that you stay at home and raise the children.    I knew that I had to sacrifice in some areas, So that I could stay at home with my kids.  I Realizes that I had to change a few things, and learn how to learn on one income.   My husband at the time and I wanted  one of us to stay home and raise the kids.  and be apart of their afternoon seeing them and spending time helping with the homework, and just being there when they would come home from school.

So we started to plan for that day to come.  When I would quit my job,  and stay home with them.  It took a lot of planning  to move from a two family income to only just one.   We thought that we had all the bases covered.  I can admit at the time we had alot of  rough patches .

For months we had to struggle to have enough money to pay our bills.  We had times when you didnt;t have enough money to live on after all the necessary expenses were paid.   but we both agree this was all worth it.    So if I could do it all over again.  I wouldn't change one thing.

So if you are considering stay home with your kids, or that you still don't have a job.  You really have to find ways  on how to live on just one income.   this is a scary thought.  You are worried on how you are going to pay your bills.  And be able to live on just one income.  And how you are going to be providing for your family as well.

So the key of living on one income is that  be intention with your finances,  make them your priority and make the your life as well.

Living on one Income:

You really can not give up your job?  It is so important to make a planning and do the prep work to change  to living off of one income.

1. working with your partner or spouse:

The first thing that I had to do is moving from a two income family to a one income family,  Making sure that my partner at the time was 100% on board with this plan.

With team work , and work together to make this transaction a smooth one.  Even taking the time and discussing all the aspect of the move.

My husband at the time and I made this change,  I recall feeling so  guilty when I had to spend some money on the necessary things that the family needed.   But I thought that since I wasn't contributing to the finances. I had known right to spend any money.

I remember having a long conversation with my husband at that time, About these feeling,  Which was so helpful when he reminded me that I my contributing in saving money on daycare for the kids,

And that I was doing what I really love, was raising our children together.

Once I got over the guilt, I was able to spend a little here and a little there, as we had to budget, and felt less guilty  about doing so.  Working together as a team and talking about all the fears, and feeling that you have  to be succesful with the transition.

2.  Practice living off of one income:

Before you cut your income - Take the time and practice.  So each month when both of us gotten paid.  Take the one paycheck of the one that is going to quit their job and place it in the saving account.

Make the adjustment in your budget, And try to live on off of one income. Try to make it work on one income.

You have to make this a slow transition  and make the adjustment that you are going to be needing in your lifestyle and your budget.

3. Adjust your budget:

So if you are going to live  on one income, you would have to make these adjustments accordly for your budget to work correctly.

then you have to find out what line or items that you can eliminated , take out of your budget.   It is a good time to consider consolidate your student loans or some of your debt that you have.  or even changing cellphone companies. etc.

You will be spending less and living with less as well.  make sure that you budget does make sense for you before you continue living with one income.

4.Finding a way to be content with what you have:

One of the toughest part of moving  from a two income to a one income,  is to be content with  Less.   You might have to drive your older car a little bit longer, then you have planned.

happiness come from memories and people not with just things.   Once you find the contentment with less,  You will feel a whole lot better.

Most of us forget to continue to save money when we go down to a one income,  Must remember to have fun with your family and friend.

Making meal plan part of your life.  And drop the sense of going out to eat so much.  Which does require some meal prep, and planning as well.

Make some changes in your grocery shopping.  Find a grocery store that has more deals and lower prices.  shop with a grocery list, and even uses coupons too.   Even cut the code with your television provider, or taking the time and changing you cellphone provider as well.

How to purchases Christmas gifts on a budget?

Holiday shopping can be a little complex, and expensive as well.  You can be financially responsible, and thoughtfulness when you a purchasing gifts on a Budget.

I love the excitement and joyousness, with the holiday season. Even though Christmas isn't all about presents, and the participating in the spirit of giving to one another, And enjoying the holiday spirit.

Personally I love giving a little token of my appreciation for others, during the holiday season.  most importantly I would love to be able to pay my bills consistently, and with my generosity will not be strained in some kind of way.

So that is way I learned over the years, to purchased Christmas gift on a budget,  that is why I can have a joyful holiday season, and give to other without all the financially responsiblity as well.

How to purchases Christmas gifts on a Budgets:

Making Gifts  Is one of the first things that you think about, They are the perfect inexpensive gift idea, that everyone will love.  On the other hand making a gift might be a little expensive the purchasing one in a retail store.

Which need a little time to plan and create one.  And time is sometime not on our side  a lot of the time when it come down to the holiday season.  One of the most important trick in strenghing your  budget when purchasing christmas gift.

You would be able to make a gift that fit for multiple family members, or even for some of your relatives, too.  So that you would be able to take advantage of the next available gift shopping tips.

Buying in Bulk:

It is often said that purchasing in bulk can save your money, as long that you plan to use all the items in the future.

You might want to try group gifts so that you would be able to purchases in bulk.  this is something that I found so interesting,  Some time business offer special deals on gift card purchases.  Some time you would get $40.00 worth of gift cards for say $35.00.  ( or you might receive a greater saving on a larger amount.)

It is best to limit your gifts:

I can admit that I get caught up with all the excitement of  having a lot of gift under my tree.  After many years, I became a slow learner of going over budget and having a lot of resentment towards my family and some of my friends too.

By january  see all the gift that purchased for everyone was just sitting there collecting dust. Or some of my family member and my friends were returning some on the gift that i purchased for them.

I realized something, That my kids really didn't need at least half of the stuff that they received for christmas.   So the theory of having new toys, new clothing, or all the electric was short-lived.  So the money that I spend of them was wasted in so many ways.

And I was setting up my kids for unrealistic expectations.  Life gives you want you need and deserve not what you are expecting to be getting around christmas time.

How are you going to explain to your children that believe there is a santa, that you received a lot of present last year, then being realistic of purchasing only three gift this year.

Here are some thing that you can do for the transition an easier, by replaces some of the gift with some family gift, also with some gift of board games, or with their favor it movies, or even with a cookie jar, of there favors healthy snack.

You might want to divide up the gift,  by wrapping  a pair of jeans in one box and the shirt in another, or the new pair of shoes, in another box.  Just to make it seems that you have a lot of gift under the tree.

You might want to turn christmas morning into a treasure hunt.   Hide all the present all over the house and give your kids some clues, so they can look for them.

Finding great gift at a discount:

The biggest thing for me  is not paying retail for something.  If I can find a special deal, or it is one sale or on clearance.  That is for me.

If you plan for the holiday sales, in advance,  You will find the best deals on black friday and if you shop on-line,  either cyber Mondays.

Arranging a Gift Swapping:

So if one of your traditions is exchanging gifts with your family members, or  with your relatives,  with items that you know longer need.  It works best with member of a book club.  each memeber bring a book that they already  ready and swap it for any other one.

One of my favor it thing in doing is having a regifting party in january,  To get together in your spare time.  And it save a lot of time in returning, a gift.   Which is trading for something that is better.

I hope that you enjoy some of my tips on purchasing christmas gifts on a budget?  you can be generous and responsible with your money at the same time.

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live within your means?

How do you know that you are living over your means? It might go like this.  You have a job, Pay the rent, and you have a car. But what next?

You don't have the cash for the car so you had to get a car loan?

Each week even every month you had to put a large sum of money for the deprecating assets?

You go out to eat, even go shopping and take a vacation and put it on the credit card?

Eventually you are thinking that you have no credit to spare?  And all your credit cards are all max out to some degree?

You are up creek without a paddle? And you are wondering how you have gotten there?

This is living beyond your means.  I have been there and done that.

So if you are someone like me.  Panic is a sign of help?  Not know how to change your situation.  Even when you consult with Dr. Google.

Then you start reading everything  you can about  money management.    Which you feel so terrible?
There is a period of intense disappointment, and you come to conclusion that some of the things need to change.

You can not change the past,  You would be able to resolve it in the future.   There so many people like myself that blog about money,  They have to hit rock bottom until you realizes that you need help with managing  your finances.

I was like everyone.  Spending more of my income  then i was taking in which really stressed me out.

I would like to show you how I turned my finances  around.

How can I start Living within my means:

Living within your means is very achievable for everyone, For myself, I had to ignore  My income and focus on the expenses that I have accrued.

I had to develop a budget,  for the account of what I need regarded  of what I earn. I was aware of the income limitations of course m which didn't affect the way i budget.

I took in to consideration of the increase in expenses  Since I own my home.  So do you see the different with budgeting, the other way around, By taking the time and working out what you earn, and then how you divvy it up for what you are needed and what you are wanting.

You would not have a spare dollar, I can admit that every gap will be full.   So if you are the kind of master budgeting, That you might have a plan for saving as part of the budget,  But you don;t realizes that most of us don't pay ourselves.

They  pay the bills, so what is left to cover everything else.  Do if you a little left, is for the saving.

So you don't have to be in the survivor mood.

You need to included everything that you need to stay alive,  and ahead of the creditor, along with a small amount for the little things that you can blow on something that you are wanting.

Without fail I was seeing that my saving was growing.  With the only difference was the speed of how it was going.

Although that I didn't budget around these figures, It is comforting to know that I can live well even if i was focused to take a minimal wage job.

This is how I did it:

1. Work on what you are going to be needing live on each month:
So that you need to sit down with a piece of paper and a pen, with your bank statements, all the unities, such as the water and electric bill, phone bill etc.  To make a list of all the core expenses that you have.

I would recommend that you set aside of money for fun,  which we call it fun money.   Place them in the correct categories, for the monthly living expenses.

Take the time and look at your income to see how much that you are earning instead of what you need  for spending.

Fr this budget is heavily consciously living within your means.  you need to cut cost in order to get your monthly expenses lower than your monthly amount.

2. Getting a month ahead:

One of the most important thing is to be a month ahead.  Which is the harder part of this process. 

The only way that my budget works is that I'm able to pay this months bill, is with the earnings of next months bills.

Which I don't go from hand to mouth anymore.

In order to get a months ahead, on your budget is careful calculate  what you are going to need to spend each month, allowed  this to be your buffer.

3.   Budget monthly regardless of paying frequently:

On the first day of the budget,  I get online, and transfer the amount of  $1500 from my saving to our bill account.

You have to have a separate bank account for this to work.  I pay all the essentials, And transfer the amount for the mortgage, the amount of money to the grocery account,  And what is left over stay in the account for the direct debts.

4. accumulating fund in a separate account :

All your earning and any extra bounces, are places in the saving account, I leave it there until grow to  the amount of 1500 for  next months bills.

You main focus is saving for your next month bills.   So when you are testing these step, You have to remember that you only have a monthly alliances.

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How to create a successful daily checklist?

 Being successful!

Everyone say  they want this, But yet a few people have a plan to get them there.  Often many of us don't have a plan often do  fail and they don't execute it on this day in and day out.

So how do you stay on tasked with the most important things, each day to be consistent in making progress.

I'm not a fan of using a daily checklist?

Don't confuses with your daily to do list.  So that you know this is a list of tasked that your drag along with you that make you so guilty about how that you are not more productive.

Your to do list is so helpful for you to remember the things that you are wanting to do.  More often it will kill your motivation and sabotage , Your long-term success instead of helping you achieve your goals, in being more productive within your day.

Which means that a daily checklists come in play. 

This one page tool keep your subconscious brain in tune with the most important critical thoughts, to enable your blog or business to grow quickly and more easily as well.

These three times frames connects the dots, between?

So what do you want in the scheme of things?

What do you need to do today and how are going to achieve it?

So what have you done in the past that you would be able to take forward with you?

Here are some key elements to put in each time frames.

Future Checklist:

By reminding ourselves of the state of mind which you want to life, you create a focus of your subconscious brain.

So where your subconscious brain helps as a filter of the unnecessary distraction that are around you in your day.

It help you make the decision  in the present,  that will lead you towards your vision so quickly and easily as well.

There are three future state items to remind yourselves each day.

The first thing is your vision, Take a moment to read your vision and program of you blog or your business.  And program your subconscious,  to find the way to make it happen.

Next, take a moment and review your annual goals.  Reminding yourself what you are working towards and how you are going to accomplished it in the new year.

Finally,  review the key area of focus to ensure what you are going to be working on a large portion of the project, that you want to achieve.

Future state of review will take just two minutes of your time, but it will run in the background all day so that you would be  thinking about it, align it, making the decision that you are making towards your dreams and your desire too.

The present list:

This is a list of action that you are planning to tackle today.  The secret is not to overload yourself with a lot of endless tasks, but rather to prioritizes your list.  So that you are focus on 20% of the action with an increase of 80% of your yield.

So if you focus on 3 critical tasked, each day as a powerful effect of an outcome.  Choose 3 most important tasks to accomplished and do them first.  So don't move on until you have completely  finish them in a timely fashion, until you take the time and cross them off your list.

It can be a little difficult when you start out.  Since you are in a habit, of so many distraction by emails, so forth.  It is so important to follow-up and delegate, outsourced r waiting for an responses on.

This little habit will keep little things from fall through  the cracks.  Just a few practice you will be able to master this part of the planning with eases.

The Past Checklist:

It is so easy to get excited about the future growth and caught up with the present activities.  While these are so helpful for your growth, But it seems to be not balanced on reflecting on the process that you have made.  And what you are learning as well.

Take a few moments, to remind yourself what you are grateful in your life.  So if you are striving to grow, sometime you would feel a little disappointment for what you don't have.

So when you take the time to reflex, you will feel less stress, and be calm about everything that you have. And not worry about what you are not getting done.   And you will be able to see new opportunities coming your way.

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How to become more organized at home?

Organizing your home can be a little frustrating, when you have known idea where to start.  You are aiming very high, When you see piles and piles of  laundry, dishes, even overdue library books just sitting there waiting for someone to return them.  A pile of forgotten bills that you had no clue where you put them.

Are you the kind of person that take pride and wanting to have an organized home that you would be able to show it off to your family, or even some of your very close friends.   It make you so depress not know how to organizes the mess that you have in your home.   The only hope that you have now is to lie in chance that your dearest relative has recommended you for a cable show home makeover. .  Until them you are waiting for the magical lighting bolt to strike at any moment.

Instead Why don't we try these simple steps and ideas to help you make your home into a place that allows to cleaning and organization to be easy it is achievable too.  Who know you would be able found all the things that you have lost over the years.

Analysis those special area:

Take a mental note of these special area, as you grab your spiral note pad, and you pencil.  As you are taking a look at these area,  Jot down some of the problem area that you are seeing, And put one problem on each page.   You would need the extra space on these page for the following steps.

These items on the page, should be part of the special area of the room that really bug you,  or that you family find impossible to keep neat.

You might see all the piles of shoe that are at the front door.  or All the piles of mail sitting on your dinner room table, or the magazine rack is overflowing with all these magazines that you are not reading at the time.  or All the piles of coat hats, boots, or even your mittens just sitting there  next to the hall closet?

Take a  quick mental note of the of these area, and write down some ways that you would be able to improvement in some way.

1. The tip is: We don't always notices these area until we take them apart to find some that you have been missing for a very long time.

We have to analysis with reason:

For each special area in your home, We have to figure out why they are disorganization and mess has happened. I find this is easiest way to find the answer is to simple being in those special area, that you are looking at.

All the answers  that you come up with are all true, here.  You are living with individual that are slobs.  And have no sense of organization in their lives.

So why are the pile of shoes still sitting at the front door?  You might be wondering if you want them to take their shoes off there?  Or there isn't enough closet space to put their shoe in there.  Or it is so hard to take them to their room.

Why are the magazines keep overflowing?  You might realize that you have some older issue that you haven't read yet just taking up space.  And you know that you don't have the time to read them?

So keep writing down the reasons of the problems of each special area, And the reason that they are the way they are.  So when you are Finnish analysis these area,   Just move on to step 3.

This is the fun part finding the solution:
Let us come up with some ways to fix the problem at hand.  Think about if it is a habit of your, or if it's some kind of behavior problem,  and tools that will help your mess disappear.

Do you need some sort of tools for organization to help you with the problem?

Or is it a habit that you need to enforce and practices?   Many of out problems, that you will encounter with organizational tools and behavior changes, on your part.  So keep in mind that  one of the best organizational tools is labels, shelves, and hook, if they are not utilize in a correct manner.

Implement :

When going through your home and you are only finding a few problem area, you would be able to implement the changes immediately.

Begin by making a list of tools that you are going to be needing from your list of solutions.

Purchasing the tools that you are needing and setting them correctly is a must have.  And you have to use them.   It is a must to implement the behavior changes associated with keeping the mess clean.

You have to finds ways to get your family motivated to clean.  make this a daily routine to take a look at these special area with your family on a regular basis.  So if this was done correctly, or if you find some issues with some of these ares.  It is best to sit down at dinner and talk about some success ways that you would be able to implement to correct these issue and keep the clean and tidy and also organized as well.

Don't be an overachiever, when it come to being more organized in your home?  As long that you make the changes with your behavior, and your habits and implement those changes correct use these steps, for success of having an organized home, that your would be pride of.

Why don't you implement these step right now.  And See how successful that you are becoming.

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4 Money beliefs that keeps you broke.

Are wondering why money is so hard to come by, And so hard to keep? We all have our own way relationship with money A blueprint of  that we lived with since we where a kid. And we carry the same conception in our head today? Maybe  with one that has created the mind-set of scarcity, of fear, and discomfort.

Would you love to have more money in the bank with  less stress. On the other side you feel that is this wrong to say? Or that you have given up  to be  financially comfortable?  So if so you could be one of the person that is afraid of being rich  in some way.

Even when you feel in your own way and sabotage when it comes to money? I think it is time to check out some belief that will always keep you broke in some way.

1 The What if's:

So if what you have , the less you would have for others. Scarcity, thinks that we have that we fall in prey of?  Don't fall for that limited pie routine. All our limited beliefs about money vibrate with all your energy into fear, failure, disappointment.  Stop doing this to yourself, and live within the universe.

As for the other limited beliefs. Well, do you have any thought such as:

"Well I have to cheat on some of my values,  Rich People get so greedy, People continue to get poor and poor, by neglecting the family,  Money doesn't make you happy, and it does not grow on trees like everyone says it does.

Some of us say we can have it all, and eat your cake too  Then they need a boost of some kind,  and

Expecting the worst,  and wishing  for the worst to come. you don't want to do this to yourself, but the truth that to be told you don;t want to be disappointed.

2. Money is spiritual:

So many of us have learned the belief there's is some shame attached to money? If our conscious operation of the belief that money is the root of everything or some evil.  It is not to be surprises to protected ourselves from of going that way.

Money is not key of self-worth, and the root of happiness, but nor it is the root of evil.   Money is just  money.  Which is a form of  exchange that has the potential of incredible  good.

3. Money can't buy Happiness:

No it really can't , but struggling to pay your bills, even falling so behind on our home is being foreclosed on.  Happiness comes from within.   From the prescient  happiness through our choosing of thinking, from the belief of the world, is fulled with possibilities, from building a life that has meaning along with the value that you deserve.

So if you are happy when you have so much money, you are unhappy with no amount of money will change that.   But life is certainly getting easier when you don't have the worries about paying your bills.

There is so many different way to find true happiness,  As long that your find ways financially and other wised.

4. So you don't have what it takes:

None of us can be happy, successful or even be prosperous with  having this belief like this one.  Believing in yourself, is the turning point of true happiness,and have a the riches life that you can be. 
Believe in the creativity, and the ability  and the means to create others,  you draw towards a greater economic abundance.

The awaking of the truth,  That you have to create new beliefs  with a new blueprint which encloses with your values.  A key point here is a model of success  that allows you to see the potential of money to see that you are able to do something good with it, for human kind.

5. Spiritually Speaking:

The biggest misconception in our human mind, that we live in a world that is lacking and has so many limitation.  But the truth is that there is a lot of good things that are available,   There is more the enough of love and joy, creativity, success, fulfillment and money.

There is enough for us to go around.  Begin believe the truth, and it will show up in this world that we live in.   Even when we are struggling with their finances at  the moment,  Just believe in yourself and have the power of the world,   Which is the Truth.

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A simple guide of essential meal planning?

Meal planning is the easiest thing that your can do  you set yourself for healthy eating success.

Weather you are planning for  a week even for a month, or a longer to your choosing.   Which has a huge benefit: Which you make all your healthy decision at once, in a calm and focused manner.

It is so easy to avoid shopping for pizza, you know that you have the ingredients  for Turkey taco, waiting for  you  at home.

Meal plan Basis: Clean eating plan for beginners:

I recall the six simple tips of meal planning.

1. How many meals do you need:

Take a few moment and think about what you have to do a head of time.  Take a quick look at everyone schedule to get a rough idea of how many meals that you are going to be needing.  An  example of a simple list:   six easy breakfast,  five family meals, one kiddo and sitter meal, and four solo lunches even one brunch as well.

2. How much time do you have to cooks:

This is an important element is often missed when meal planning.  You can plan all that you are wanting, But not have the time to implement it, you will not benefit from it.   Have this in mind.

Expend your list with qualifier  such as three make a head  family dinners,  with two family meals in less than 45 min.  Wow that is a record  , but you need to give you more information of what are need  to make.

be more specific, you will get there in time, the easier that you find some meals that fit the bill.
So if you are going to have a busy week,  It is best that you take a note of it. And meal plan accordingly .  You might to find some crock pot meal, or some make ahead meals, that you would be able to make in a hurry.  So are you the kind of person that like to cook once and eat twice.  ( so example you would be able to make a batch of Chile over the weekend. That you would be able to serve as is.  Even with the long going of baked potatoes, that you would be able to use during the week, along with veggies, that your word be able to bake some chicken, with a side of veggies, or even a salad as well).

3. Pick a Scheduled Dish:

Using the list that you have prepared, And choose the  meal that fixes the bill. look at the family list of some their favor it meals that you would be able to reused or take a look on pinterest for some dinner idea, or other sites for ideas you could use.

Consider what season that your are in, And what type of meal that your family is wanting to eat. Take in con situation  when scheduling, And what the shelf life into account when you are doing your meal plan.

Take in account of how many servings the recipes make, and what the nutritional profile of the dish you are scheduling, so that it meet the healthy eating goals.

You might want to consider overlapping ingredients to cut down with waste, and cooking leftovers to make the most out of your food budget, and time as well.

To consider making a master list,  Having a list of to go meals,  that works for you and your family.

Is one of the easiest way to Implement  the meal plan process . So if you find a new meal that you are wanting to try, Just add it to your master list.

4. Putting it on a Calendar:

Whether you use note cards, a meal planning template, or your go digital,  It is best that you keep a paper copy of your master list, And a calendar  in clear view.  hang a copy on your fridge.  By making your meal plan visible  to hold you accountable  to execute for cooking, so that your family doesn't keep asking what is for dinner a million times.

5. Writing a Grocery list, and shop:

You might as well go along with it, and fill out your calendar. Make sure that you jot down quantities of ingredients that go along with it, and take a quick inventory to see what you have on hand that you could use with your meals that you are planning for.  And to be able to avoid over spending at the grocery store, that really saves you time and money as well.

6. Start prepping and cooking:

Prep in advance what you can, such as chopping the veggies, and making the sauces that you are going to use.  You would be able to measure out the spices in a zip lock bag. Then per boil all your potatoes,  and roast per baked your vegetables.

Meal planning is just putting you in a great position to stay true to your healthy eating goals, that you have set for your family. It save your time, to be able to make batches meals ahead of time,  And prepare some of the items when you have the time as well.

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9 tips to make your planner more effective?

Many of us have this habit of buying planners, and never use them to their full potential? I have been there?

I love planners but it seems to be a lot of work  for truly in keeping your more organized, Unfortunately purchasing the most cutest planner,  will not absolutely have any purpose of making more productive, and organized. 

Does this sound so familiar to most of us.

There are some simple tips and trick of using your planner to it full potential?  I  found some simple ways to use your planner more effectively.

Let's dive in:

1. Using it:

I have to burst your bubble here, Just buying a planner doesn't make your more organized.  You really have to use it and implement your plan and to do a list and your daily basis. So if you are wanting to be more organized.

By doing this intentionally  making this a habit,  to go over your planner at least once a day either before you go to bed, to plan your day, early in the morning or even the next day.

Just taking the time and writing down your to do a list.  It clutter  your mind, and  give you a plan of action  on how you are going to plan your day ahead, Instead of just winging it, actually be productive. 

2.  Finding the right one:

I have the prefect one for myself. It  has done wonderful for my organization. So the one that you have purchased is not living up to your potential, Which you can adjust it to fix your needs. 

You might want to add post a notes for the areas, that are not included, maybe you need a little more space to write your grocery list, or even your meal plan, or you need extra space to write some notes.

But you are still unsure where to start looking for a planner,  Do your resource on your perfect planner that has the potential to fit your needs.

3. Color Code:

So if you are so busy, it can help break up your tasked into different categories.  You can color code your planner, such as  this example Like cleaning,    with a red label,  work, with a green label, social outing or kids activities, with an orange label,  errands with a yellow label.  Which you will need different color pens to do so. 

4. Taking it with you:

Finding the right size planner that You would be able to take it with you, for work or even to do errands.  By having a one going grocery list, that is with you so that you would be able to stop by the store on the way home from work.

You would be able to have all your notes with you, and it is best that you would be able to refer to them from time to time.  Or if you need to write something down.

Even thought that you don't take it with you, I find this super helpful for myself to review it, even have extra time to see if I'm on track with my goals. 

5. Making your planner fun:

Sometime that you might want to decorate your planner with some lovely stickers, or washi tape or even some productive sticker and so on. 

6. Add some functionality and some accessories:

Can add more functionality to your planner by adding some folders, pockets, that your would be able to put notes in. You can resource some accessories that you would love to add to your planner. 

There are some of my favor it things to add to my planner is budgeting organizer, folders, like pocket  or even notes pages too. 

7  Do not overload it:

This is a personal key point for me.  I have a habit of writing everything down that I would like to do on that day. The biggest problem with that is.  You would start out your day so overwhelmed with everything that you have to that day.  

Sometime I feel defeated that I don't get everything done on my to do a list.   I use the honor system of tasked that I make it my priority to accomplished them.  Finding the balance and sticking to organization plan is the key to  the effectiveness of using a planner.

8. Being Specific:

Make it a point to be specific about your to do list.  Instead of writing the overreached projects, such as  cluttering  your entire home, or even the generic term like working on decluttering.  You might want to write something like this.  cleaning out and clutter your home. 

First of all this works when you are breaking down the biggest tasked into smaller pieces that are more a manageable.  Further more this help me stay focus, and not be overwhelmed with everything that I have to do. 

9. Priorities your tasked:

Honestly this is so important, to implement a priority system in your planner,  It makes it so easy for you to accomplish everything on your do list and be more productive within your day as well.

That are most important by simplifying the numbering what you are going to first second third, which I like to take it further and separate them  so that I could get them done before I return to work. Which I like to put a astride next to it. 

Try different  ideas and see what works for you.  So happy planning And be more organized in the process. 

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